I highly recommend Tina Tucker Toodles. it is a wonderful children's book that can be read over and over to your child, and it brings back memories of my dislike for vegetables and how I was pressed to enjoy them, told in a very poetic and funny story. I love Tina Tucker Toodles. be sure to get your copy and read it to your child. thank you Dr. Jobe.
Erik Santana
This book was cute, authentic and timely. The illustration was fabulous and the attention to detail was spot on!
Janet Love
“I love Tina Tucker Toodles! You’ve done a great job with this rhyming picture book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and I’m sure our library patrons will as well. The need for the publication and use of diverse picture books in literacy education cannot be emphasized enough.” Thank you!
Jennifer Hunsicker
Nolensville Branch Library-Branch Manager, Nolensville, TN.
“I wanted to take a minute to thank you. Two of my granddaughters are bi-racial, one of them is non-verbal autistic. I gave them a copy of your book for Christmas and they love it! Their mom shared with me that Leah (autistic) was signing that she was in the book. Leah told her parents the kids looked like her. What a fun book, and it meant a lot that my granddaughters found themselves in a book. We’ll be buying more! Thank You.
I want to thank the amazing Dr. LaWanda Jobe for coming by to read to our scholars on Read Across America Day. They were amazed to meet a Black author and they begged me to purchase the books you read!
David McGuire
Principal at Tindley Summit Academy
“Dr. Jobe, your books are a hit with my kiddos!! They identify with the content (see people of color) and tell similar stories about their experiences! One kiddo remarked “Wow, they are having a ‘feast’ as it pertains to the spread at Big Mama’s House!” Another child exclaimed, “I will begin visitation with my dad after Christmas and I Can’t Wait”!!
Michelle Harrison
“What a beautiful gift for our children!! Reading is fundamental and it gets them off these devices. These books also show our culture. Good stuff!!”
Yvette Williams
Grandparent & Executive Director at Trinity House Academy
“As a 20 plus year educator, I am excited to read and share these Big Mamma’s House stories. They address issues that children face. It is crucial that children of color see themselves in literature. I’ve shared these books with diverse families. They were well received and the children were engaged enough to read them again and again…”
Karen Dixson
“I really enjoyed the book. It spoke deeply to my soul. The book illustrates how black mothers come together to make ends meet for everyone in their family. I like that the book focuses on the grandmother. Excellent book for both kids and adults!”
LaMarcus Hall
Ed., MS. Ed. Parent, Adjunct Professor, Author, Speaker, Diversity & Inclusion Facilitator
“As a Cheer Coach and mentor to young girls, I am charged with providing access to activities and environments that build leadership and promote self-confidence. Providing Big Mamma’s House books to our youth cheer squads allows our girls the opportunity to see positive reflections of themselves in current media, while also learning positive life lessons in a relatable way through the wide array of narratives their books provide. Kudos to Big Mamma’s House Books for being a resource and ally to help inspire and instill self-confidence in our youth!”
Brandy K. Gildon
MSM, Assistant Director of Finance, Cheerleading Coach & Mom.
“These books are incredible! Finally, there are real and identifiable stories for black children and their unique experiences! The Book “I Can’t Wait”, brought me to tears because so many young black boys and fathers will identify with this. These books are a job well done!”
Gabrielle Patterson
Poet/Motivational Speaker
"I really, really want to thank you. I am 6’3 and have been the tallest person, in almost any room, my whole life. I wish I had your book when I was younger. There was never a tall woman or girl to look up to. I wish I would’ve had the tall representation that your book provides. I am lucky that my family focused on my worth and that they let me know I was going to be tall and I should be proud of it. I am so proud of my height, that when I ran for Indianapolis City-County Council, my slogan was Stand Tall for Indy. Your book brought tears to my eyes and filled my heart with pride. I know it will have the same effect on many girls who don’t yet understand the power of their tall bodies. So, thank you. Thank you so much for writing your book." Thank you!
Ali Brown
Executive Director, Indianapolis City County Council, District 5